The video processing module is designed for multi-channel reception (up to 5) and video stream processing: integration of video streams, for example, TV and IR in real time; electronic stabilization; video compression; video stream switching (several – in one); video analytics.

The module can be used as part of stationary video surveillance systems (perimeter security, analysis of car traffic, monitoring of industrial facilities), mobile complexes (patrol cars, auxiliary driving systems), wearable devices (surveillance devices, medical diagnostics).


Multichannel. To receive digital streams

Ethernet. To receive and transmit data streams

RS-232/485. To control peripheral devices

Technical characteristics

Number of video channels 5 (10 in 8-bit format)
High speed data transfer up to 2 SGMII transceivers

(1 Gbit / s, fiber, twisted pair)

Additional interfaces RS-232/485
DSP processor operating frequency, MHz, max. 900
Operating temperature range, ° С -40…+50
Sizes of the processor unit, mm 50х60
Interface block dimensions, mm depends on the type of interfaces, at least 50×60

A feature of the module is the construction of a central computing unit based on a DSP processor, which allows not only to solve complex video processing tasks in real time, but also to quickly build in or upgrade customer’s algorithms, reducing the work time.

Various configurations of input and output interfaces are possible. It is also possible to install multiple processor units to increase the computing power of the module.

One of the applications of the video system is the integration of thermal and television channels into a single integrated color channel. Thermal imaging and television modules are connected via digital video interfaces. The integrated video stream is transmitted over GEthernet.