The device is a two-spectrum heat-television module. Unlike common two-channel heat-body systems, two-spectral processing is carried out as part of the same electronic unit – no additional electronic boards for combining heat-body are added.

The basic system is a thermal imaging module, which is an assembly of a thermal imaging matrix, an analog board, a processor board, and a power board. The digital processing of the signal from the matrix is ​​carried out on the processor of the module – a number of algorithms are performed to obtain a high-quality thermal image.

The two-spectral module is obtained by connecting the second matrix – television – to the processor board of the module through the second provided video interface CSI2. Signal processing from the television matrix, as well as heat-body alignment algorithms (compensation of geometric distortions of lenses, geometric alignment, informational alignment) are performed on the same processor of the module as thermal imaging processing.

Thus, the resulting dual-spectral module is a compact, low-power device with a minimum latency in video data processing due to processing on a single processor. Spaced two-spectral systems, which are a combination of three components – a thermal imaging module, a television module, a combiner – do not allow achieving such characteristics of compactness, consumption and minimum delay in video data processing.

The following television matrices are installed in the two-spectral heat-body module:

  • Omnivision OV7251, OV9281;

  • Sony IMX297, IMX296.

Resolutions 640 × 480, 1024 × 768, 1280 × 1024. Omnivision matrices are characterized by low consumption, Sony matrices – high sensitivity (IMX297 pixel size 6.9 microns). Television and thermal imaging channels are geometrically reduced to a single field and resolution. Further, information integration is carried out with the formation of a single image in various modes (integral color, contouring mode, mosaic mode). Installation of other matrices is possible at the request of the integrator.

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