Thermal imaging modules are designed for use as part of surveillance devices in fire and rescue services (search for victims of a fire, search and rescue operations), in security systems, in industry (technical vision, non-destructive monitoring, monitoring of technical objects, heat audit), in transport, in medicine, as well as in other areas where it is necessary to observe in conditions of poor visibility.

A feature of thermal imaging modules of the MTP series is the construction of a computing unit based on digital signal processing processors (DSP). This gives a margin of computing power in the module.

In addition to the basic image processing functions, additional algorithms can be integrated into the module: autofocus, optical distortion correction during the formation of wide-field frames for multichannel systems and all-round viewing systems, electronic stabilization, detection of moving objects, recognition and others.

In addition, users have the opportunity to scatter their algorithms into the module independently, increasing compactness, reducing power consumption and productivity of the final system as a whole.

A wide choice of interface configurations on the module – PAL, BT656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer– allows the customer to choose the best option for ease of integration into their systems. Management – RS-232.


Module code Matrix, pixel Pixel pitch Temperature sensitivity, mK, not worse Frame rate, Hz Video interface
МТP.384.АК.60… 384х288 17 60 25/50 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer
МТP.640.АК.65… 640х480 17 65 25 PAL
МТP.640.АК.50… 640х480 17 50 25 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer
МТP.640.АК.40… 640х480 17 40 25 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer

*  when ordering, the interface, frame rate, microdisplay and other options are selected.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Units
Basic image processing functions – correction of irregularities

– replacement of bad points

– ultra wide dynamic range compression

– spatial filtering

– time filtering

Shutter missing
Electronic Scaling smooth zoom in the range of 1-4 times or more
Power supply, VDC 5
Power consumption, W less than 1.5 (depending on options)
Module dimensions, mm diameter – 40, length 35
Operating temperature, ° C -40…+50
Kick, g 200
Vibrations, g, Hz 50, 5 Hz

Interpretation of the product code

Module code is formed as follows:

The name includes the designation of the series, the size of the matrix, the sensitivity of the detector, the format of the output data interface. For example, MTP.640.AK. means:

1 – product – thermal imaging module

2 – matrix – 640×480 pixels

3 – the distance between the middle of the pixel is 17 microns

4 – matrix material – amorphous silicon

5 – sensitivity – not worse than 50 mK

6 – frame rate – 25 Hz

7 – video interface – PAL

8 – option – expansion under the microdisplay MDP01