Television modules of the MTV series are developed on the basis of highly sensitive matrices E2V EV76C560, EV76C660, EV76C661. These CMOS arrays are highly sensitive detectors of visible and near infrared radiation. High sensitivity is achieved due to the pixel pitch of 5.3 microns, as well as the use of microlensing technology. Matrices can be colored and black and white.

The TV modules of the MTV series are intended for applications demanding of sensitivity and quality of video processing: transport, surveillance and security systems, technical vision, medical systems.

A feature of the TV modules of the MTV series is the construction of a computing unit based on digital signal processing processors (DSP), which allows flexible adaptation of software and interfaces to user requirements, embedding additional algorithms at the channel level (autofocus, optical distortion correction, electronic stabilization) and at the system level (combination with display in color, detection and tracking of objects).

The TV modules of the MTV series are optimized for use as part of integrated heat and television systems with thermal imaging modules of the MTP series.


Module code Matrix, pixel Matrix type Frame rate, Hz Video interface
МТV.1280.EV76C560.50 1280х1024 EV76C560 50 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer
МТV.640.EV76C660 640х480 EV76C660 25 PAL
МТV.640.EV76C661 640х480 EV76C661 25 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer
МТВ.640.EV76C660 640х480 EV76C661 50 PAL, BT.656, 8bitDV, 16bitDV, LVDS, Serializer

*  When ordering, the interface, matrix, and other options are selected.

Technical characteristics

Type of radiation receiver CMOS-matrices EV76C560, EV76C660, EV76C661
Spectral range Visible range + near IR
Image resolution 1280х1024, 640х480
The size of the matrix element, microns 5.3
Frame frequency of the matrix survey, Hz 25, 50
Supported video output formats PAL, 8 or 16-bit digital bus, BT656, LVDS, Serializer
Management interfaces RS-232
Exposure time From 5 µs to frame duration
Global Shutter Support Yes
Basic image processing functions

correction of irregularities

-replacement of bad points

– compression of wide dynamic range

spatial filtering

– image detail

-time filtering



Electronic Scaling Smooth zoom in the range of 1-4 times
Power supply, VDC 5
Power consumption, W up to 1.5 (depending on resolution and set of algorithms)
Dimensions, mm diameter 40, length 35
Operating temperature, ° C -30 +50

The module is resistant to a wide range of mechanical effects.

Interpretation of the product code

Module code is formed as follows:

The name includes the designation of the series, the size of the matrix, the sensitivity of the detector, the format of the output data interface. For example, МТВ.1280.EV76C560.25.1 means:

1 – product – television module

2 – matrix – 1280×1024 pixels

3 – matrix type – EV76C560

4 – frame rate – 25 Hz

5 – Video Interface – PAL